Maaike Canne is an illustrator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her work is defined by vibrant colors and structured compositions. It’s often suggestive and is characterized by the use of nature, architecture, interior, and design elements. She has a special interest in cultural differences, Modernism, the Mid century, Californian (urban) landscapes and Japan.

She’s working with a range of clients in both editorial and commercial business.

In addition, she also paints large scale murals and paintings, both for commercial clients and as her artistic practice.


Selected clients

Apple (US), Elle Magazine (NL), De Correspondent (NL), Vers Beton (NL), Food & Wine Magazine (US), Dim Dam Dom Magazine (FR), Causette Magazine (FR), Kiblind Magazine (FR), Papier Magazine (FR), Wobby Magazine (NL), CJP (NL) Amphia Hospital (NL), Design College Rotterdam (NL), Jump from paper (TW), Laurentius School (NL), Villa Zebra (NL), Avans Hogeschool (NL), Poppodium Mezz (NL), Bliksem Magazine(NL), Blind Walls Gallery Breda (NL)

Press and interviews

2019 - It’s Nice That (UK)
2019 - Creative Boom (UK)
2019 - Arquitectura y Diseno (ES)
2019 - Illustrarama (ES)
2019 - Wallpaperdata (US)
2019 - Artwort (IT)
2019 - Everyday monkey (US)
2019 - Mobi Spirit (US)
2019 - Breda Vandaag (NL)
2018 - Tribute To Magazine (US)
2018 - Hola Gwapa (US)
2018 - New Chique gallery (NL)
2018 - Blind Walls Gallery 2 (NL)
2018 - Jump from paper (TW)
2018 - Hutspot (NL)
2017 - Ballpitmag (US)
2017 - Fontanel Magazine (NL)
2017 - Pocket magazine (UK)
2016 - Kiblind magazine (FR)
2016 - Blind Walls Gallery 1 (NL)


Coming > 2020 - Supernova hotel, Rotterdam(NL)
2019 - Hopper, Rotterdam(NL)
2019 - Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam(NL)
2019 - De Centrale, Delft(NL)
2019 - Good mother gallery, (Group)Oakland(VS)
2019 - Gallery MotMot, (Group)Breda(NL)
2018 - PUHA, Utrecht(NL)
2018 - VANS x Girls event, Utrecht(NL)
2018 - Suds, Breda(NL)
2017 - HONK, (Group) Stedelijk Museum Breda(NL)
2017 - Pier 15 Skatepark & Resort, Breda(NL)
2016 - De mus, Cultkitchen, Breda(NL)
2016 - Arsis viert kunst, (Group) Bergen op Zoom(NL)

Maaike Canne is like two Artists in one. Her illustrations all have this super thoughtful surreal quality to them, almost like there's a bigger riddle at play and each work is another clue. Yet her murals have this whimsical larger than life vibe that makes you feel like a small little kid tasting ice cream for the very first time.” -Nisha Btesh

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