Illustrations, murals, paintings

I’m doing a residency at Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan (May + June 2024) Follow my IG to follow along.

Maaike Canne is an artist and illustrator currently living
and working in Rotterdam, NL

Her work draws inspiration from modernist architecture, interior, design, and nature, resulting in often bold and colorful compositions. She loves exploring the interplay between interior and exterior spaces. In addition, she also paints murals and paintings, both for commercial projects and as her artistic practice.

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Selected clients

The New Yorker / Die Zeit / Architectural Digest / Apple / Pinterest / Dropbox / The Atlantic / Mutina / Elle Decoration / VPRO / Financial Times / Lexus / Dim Dam Dom Magazine / The Good Life Magazine / De Volkskrant /  Wrap Magazine / The Architectural Review / ABN Amro / SZ / Bellerose / Food & Wine Magazine / Financieel Dagblad / Tiptoe Design / Puik design / Patricia Urquiola

Selected Press / Interviews

2023      Sircle Collection
2023      Teufel Audio (NL)
2022      Wrap Magazine
2021      It’s Nice That
2020      Wrap Magazine
2020      It’s Nice That
2019       It’s Nice That
2019       Creative Boom


︎︎︎ Curator for Man Met Bril Koffie, Rotterdam
︎︎︎ Google Maps adventurer at
︎︎︎ Collecting visuals that please the eye @notdavidhockney

To retailers

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to distribute my work in your shop.

Selected Exhibitions

2023    Man Met Bril Koffie (Solo Exhibition), Rotterdam, Netherlands
2023    The Seoul Illustration Fair (Group Exhibition), Seoul, South Korea
2023    Kunstuitleen (Solo Exhibition), Rotterdam, Netherlands
2022    Sunrays (Solo Exhibition), Kiblind Lyon, France
2022    RIJN PILS (Group Exhibition), Amsterdam, Netherlands
2022    All Hands On Deck (Group Exhibition), Breda, Netherlands
2019    Hopper (Solo Exhibition), Rotterdam, Netherlands
2019    Kaapse Maria (Solo Exhibition), Rotterdam, Netherlands
2019    De Centrale (Solo Exhibition), Delft, Netherlands
2019    Good Mother Gallery (Group Exhibition), Oakland, United States
2019    Gallery MotMot (Group Exhibition), Breda, Netherlands
2017    HONK (Group Exhibition), Stedelijk Museum Breda, Netherlands

Studio Address

Maaike Canne
Middellandplein 9B
3021 BS Rotterdam
The Netherl

All work © by Maaike Canne
Photos by Rosa Meininger