Daydream, 2021
Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy

The mural is part of the broader cultural (S)punti di Vista program by the Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy, in partnership with INWARD – National Observatory on Urban Creativity and cooperation with six UCAS – Urban Creativity Associations. HollAndMe is creating a creative partnership between Holland and Italy to bring dutch street art to six Italian cities. Invited by ACAG – Associazione Culturale Antonio Giordano for the PAG – Premio Antonio Giordano.


Villa Zebra, 2020
Visual arts museum that aims to stimulate creativity & curiosity in children aged between 4 & 12, Rotterdam, NL

Het verloren zwaard, 2019
Laurentius primary school, Breda, NL
in collaboration with Blind Walls Gallery

The mural tells the story of the lost sword (Het verloren zwaard). A book written by Martine Letterie. The story is about The Siege of Breda in 1624–25 during the Eighty Years’ War. All the Laurentius school-kids from the fifth grade read this book. After reading it they helped me paint for a day. This way the kids learned about the history of their city in a playful way. Afterward, they all received an ‘Official sreet-artist’-spraycan (trophy). Made possible by the Blind Walls Gallery team.

Design College, 2019

Desing College, Rotterdam, NL  

Hutspot, 2019

Hutspot Amsterdam, NL 
Hutspot offers a unique combination of pioneering fashion innovative design and local art.