KBS Laurentius
Primary School

The mural is based on the children’s book ‘Het Verdwenen Zwaard’ (The Lost Sword), written by Martine Letterie. The story is about 3 children during the siege of Breda in 1625. Kiek and her class (now the 8th grade) read the book in the 7th grade.

The idea for the mural came from Kiek Masclee, the 2018 Children’s Mayor of Culture. This special kind of mayor is chosen after the yearly Children’s Culture Night project by Cultuurnacht Breda, in collaboration with Nieuwe Veste, which allows children to describe their ideas about art and culture in Breda in a manifest.

The design consists of various objects that refer to certain events in the book. There’s Breda’s coat of arms, Spinola’s lost sword, and the burning church in Ginneken, which was occupied by the Spanish.

During the creation of the mural, Kiek and her class got the chance to help Maaike colouring in the design for a few hours.

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