It’s Nice That X Dropbox

A painting made for a project together with It's Nice That and Dropbox.
I got to explore the Ulm School of Design's first-ever digital archive.

'Ulm', 2021
63,1 x 83,1 cm Including frame
Acrylic on linen
Available (mail for pricing)

'The artwork ties together abstraction and figuration in the way the squares aesthetically resemble Ulm’s archive as well as metaphorically echo its democratic philosophy. Maaike also sought to find a compositional harmony within the canvas, arranging the shapes in a way that evokes a sense of three-dimensional space and an illusion of depth. She also achieves this through her use of colour, accentuating the depth of field through bold light and dark tones in a Cubist-style homage to what can be done with linear perspective. An exploration of distortion, Maaike’s painting blurs the line between an object, pattern and the space around it.' - Words by Jyni Ong based on my interview.

Read the article/interview and see where some inspiration came from here