‘Daydream’ mural PAG 2021
Mural in Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy.

This mural is part of the ‘Hollandme’ project, initiated by Inwardstreetart and the Dutch embassy in Italy (Olandiamo). 6 Dutch artists, 6 Italian cities to paint a mural. ⁣A big thank you to "Premio Antonio Giordano’ Urban art project and Blind Walls Gallery.

Times are, and have been, tough for many people. So I desperately wanted to create a soothing and serene piece where we can step into and get away from our daily stressors for a moment. A place where we can reflect on things and dream a little.

Influenced by liminal spaces, architecture and nature, this dreamlike mural is depicting the reality in between two worlds. Worlds that live side-by-side, that feel familiar yet surreal at the same time. Thinking in two and three dimensions at once, blending the feeling of both being outside and inside together. Spatial play, perspective and color play a big role in setting the scene.